Step by Step Plan for Financial Success with Accountability and Support

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Financial numbers can be scary. Budgets can be annoying and frustrating. The process can make you want to pull your hair out or simply give up and not do anything.

In WISE Financial Fitness, there are powerful simple curriculums for personal finance and entrepreneurship. We want you to get your money right AND bring in more money.

Why you should join WISE Financial Fitness:

WISE Curriculum

Get the step by step protocol for financial success. Get access to all the courses in the personal finance track and the entrepreneurship track. You’ll optimize your cash flow and financial system to build wealth.

WISE Score

We use an exclusive algorithm to take all your financial status indicators into account and show you your level of financial fitness. You will be able to track your progress and watch your wealth builder level increase.

Boss Protocol

Use the Boss Protocol to assess and determine the financial status of your business and how ready you are to become a full-time entrepreneur. The Boss Protocol shows the milestones you should reach before leaving employment to work for yourself.

Success Library

A library of tools to help you budget, track your spending and saving. Entrepreneurs can design their business systems, optimize their revenue streams, pricing and sales.

Anywhere Access

You can access all the courses and resources from anywhere. Use your tablet, mobile device, or a computer to watch and interact. You can access all courses and resources 24/7.


Get expert answers to your questions. As you work on your financial fitness and/or growing a business, you can ask questions specific to your situation.

Core Curriculum Courses

Each track has a core set of courses that take you step by step  for success. Additional courses are also added to teach additional topics.

Personal Finance Core Curriculum

Entrepreneurship Core Curriculum

Meet the Founder

I founded Pocket of Money to help you take control of your money and live a world-class lifestyle. I am constantly studying finance and modifying the tools I create in order to be the most effective and useful. I want to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and skills you need keep more money in your pocket and build wealth.

I believe financial literacy is important and necessary to manage your cash flow. However, an important thing I learned from years of working with clients is it’s not just the knowledge. It’s taking action on that knowledge day in and day out. Creating wealthy habits is key for financial success. – Dr. Maria James

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