Go From “I hate budgeting” to Consistently Planning, Successfully Budgeting and Saving Money Every Month With the WISE Budget Box

Money does not buy happiness, but financial stability and security sure bring peace of mind.

Having enough income to cover bills and maybe treat yourself is not enough. You deserve to be able to go on a vacation and still remain prepared for an emergency.

You deserve to be able to help aging parents and still be able to handle all bills and an emergency easily.

You deserve to be able to give your family the best life and set your children up for future financial stability AND still be financially stable and secure.

A budget is an important tool for achieving your financial goals. However, it can be hard to design successful budgets AND actually use them.

It is much easier to stay laser-focused for a 90 day period than a 12 month period. We’ve noticed that people will fall off using a budget within three months.

That’s why I created the WISE Budget Box to help you successfully budget and move towards financial success.

The WISE Budget Box will give you a motivational jolt and a new set of tools every 90 days. You’ll ALSO have continuous access to the WISE Financial Fitness portal to access all the courses, protocols, and digital resources.

What's Included in the WISE Budget Box

WISE Budget Planner 

The WISE Budget Planner helps you to consistently design a successful spending plan a.k.a. budget as well as keep track of your spending.

  • 90 day planner
  • Full 2 page monthly and weekly calendars
  • Monthly goal planning
  • Daily expense tracking
  • Budget by month and paycheck
  • Mid-month and end of month analyses
  • Side hustle income analyses
  • And more!

Size: 7 x 9 inches 

Planner Sticker Sheets

Use these stickers to add dates to the calendars, mark important days, income, expenses, and goal milestones in your planner. Get creative and make budgeting and financial planning more fun.

WISE Level 4: Self-guided

WISE stands for Wealth Is Simple to Elevate. This motto is the essence of WISE Financial Fitness. Financial management and building wealth don’t need to be complicated and confusing. This is the self-guided (no personal consultant) level.

Use the courses, tools, resources, and templates to increase your financial fitness and business knowledge. Learn to make more money and keep more of the money you make.

There are two curriculums: one for personal finance (WISE Wealth Up Protocol) and one for business (WISE Be Your Own Boss Protocol).

You will have complete access to the:

  • Online community
  • Monthly Classes
  • W.I.S.E. Financial Fitness™ Score
  • Financial and Business courses
  • Step by step guidance
  • W.I.S.E. Wealth Up Protocol
  • W.I.S.E. Be Your Own Boss Protocol
  • Success Library


Saving and Debt Tracking Sheets

Stay motivated on your savings or debt elimination journey with this visual reminder and tracker of your progress. This will help you eliminate yo-yo saving and staying in the debt cycle.

Motivational Word Decals

Put these words of motivation and empowerment in your planning space. They will remind you that you’re amazing and help you stay motivated on your financial success journey.

Subscribe to the WISE Budget Box

 $75 per 3 months ($25/mo) with FREE Shipping

The box ships quarterly: March, June, September, and December before the 10th of the month.

The next box deadline is June 5th. The June box ships around June 10th.

"Working with Dr. James was incredible. She was very knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. She helped me create a budget and strategies for my money. I was able to significantly decrease spending and save a lot more money. Dr. James helped me increase my credit score by over 100 points. We added tricks to decrease overspending and keep my financial goals top of mind. After working with Dr. James, I consistently stayed in budget, saved money and was able to purchase a home. I regularly recommend people work with her."
Theiline G.

A little more about WISE Financial Fitness, you’ll have …

The skills, resources and support to uncap your income, so you have more money to upgrade your lifestyle.

  • Get that juicer and blender you’ve been drooling over.
  • Hire that personal trainer you’ve been dreaming of working with to get you tight.
  • Pay for the college tuition out of pocket with no worries.
  • Pay for a new car with cash. Can we say no car note?!
  • Upgrade your wardrobe with quality pieces with no guilt and using all cash.
  • Afford your dream wedding with no financial stress.
  • Prepare for a new baby the way you dream of doing.
  • Eat at that upscale restaurant ordering whatever you want without critically eyeing the prices.
  • Live your best life!

Personalized Guidance

You can get paired with a Senior or Junior Money Scientist (business or finance consultant) who will help and actually build out key business and/or personal finance systems or tools needed for success. It can be difficult to apply concepts to your unique situation. Your consultant is not only there to explain concepts but to help you implement them. Your consultant will help you accelerate your revenue and journey to financial and time freedom.

Step-by-Step Curricula

Business Curriculum:

Courses to upgrade your business and increase revenue. Some topics include:

  • Picking your business idea
  • Crafting your offers
  • Determining Startup costs
  • Determining your fees
  • Pricing products and services
  • Creating sales funnels
  • Getting clients and customers
  • Optimizing sales funnels
  • Designing a financial system

Is not having an idea holding you back from starting a business? We can help you pick an idea and make sure it will be profitable.

Are you already in business, but need to increase revenue and profits? We can help you be able to spend more time working on the business than in the business. Don’t create another job for yourself.

These courses plus guidance will help you:

  • Never have zero revenue months
  • Create a queue of clients and customers
  • Make at least five figures per month
  • Rock lead generation and pour visitors into your sales funnel
  • Keep more of your revenue
  • Create long-term wealth
  • Get consistent sales to increase revenue
  • Build a business to support being your own boss
  • Remove the confusion about business finances so you can take actions that increase revenue
  • Be able to spend more of your day doing things you love and with people you love

Personal Finance Curriculum

Courses to keep and grow more of the money you make. Some personal finance topics include:

  • Successful budgeting
  • Saving acceleration strategies
  • Debt elimination methods
  • Key insurance types and why
  • Retirement preparation
  • Buying a home/car
  • Funding higher education

These courses plus guidance will help you:

  • Never wonder where your money went
  • Complete an emergency fund
  • Increase your credit score
  • Be well-positioned to buy a home
  • Put more money towards saving and investing
  • Increase your income
  • Save money consistently faster
  • Pay off your loans and become debt free
  • Establish financial stability and financial security
  • Upgrade your lifestyle without money stress or guilt
  • Build long-term wealth and create a legacy of wealth

Resources for Higher Revenue & Better Money Management:

WISE Financial Fitness has templates, tools, and resources that will help you quickly get an action and stay in action. Some of the impactful resources include:

  • Speaker Fee Pricing Tool
  • Sales Estimation Worksheet
  • Simple Business Budget Template
  • Revenue Pyramid Template
  • Sales Funnels Template
  • Annual Budget Template

Subscribe to the WISE Budget Box

 $75 per 3 months ($25/mo) with FREE Shipping

The box ships quarterly: March, June, September, and December before the 10th of the month.

The next box deadline is March 5th. The March box ships before March 10th.

What it's like to work with The Money Scientist:

Before participating in an Elite Strategy Session with Dr. James I did not have a plan on how I was going leave my full-time job and become a full time entrepreneur. In my session with Dr. James we got clear on my mission statement, we set up 30 and 60 day goals and got clear on how much money I want to make a month to feel comfortable as well as the initially things I need to do to start that process. One of the first two things were to recognize that I am an expert at what I do and to charge accordingly for my expertise. During our call I had a big Aha moment, which was I had to work through some blocks that kept me from raising my prices. Dr. James gave me some simple, but effective strategies to work on for the next 60 days to work through the blocks. I left the call feeling empowered and with a plan that I could implement on my journey to becoming a full time entrepreneur. In fact, I was soo impressed with the call that I highly recommended a couple of my entrepreneurial friends contact Dr. James. Thank you Dr. James!
Before having a conversation with Dr. Maria, I was running around like a headless chicken, I knew I had to get things done, I just did not know in which direction to turn. I felt extremely frustrated and overwhelmed at the same time. I needed help and quick! Dr, Maria, supported my vision for Trinidad Mogulista and guided me on how to achieve my goals for 2016 into 2017. Within the hour and half, I felt like a great weight was lifted and I am now able to focus on the bite sized tasks at hand. I am forever grateful to Dr. James because I know how costly one on one coaching is, so having this service does not go unnoticed. Thank you again Dr. Maria James!
Before participating to a Strategy Elite Session with Dr Maria James I knew exactly what I wanted but did not have a clear plan on how to get there. Due to this session, I was able to promote my soft launch the right way by applying her advice which not only raised awareness for my upcoming company but truly optimized my self confidence also. Also, I left the session with a clear to do list that will benefit my business in a tremendous way. I would say Dr Maria James is a true expert when it comes to knowing our ultimate goals and creating a step by step strategy to get to where we want to be. This session resulted in a clear strategy to achieve my ultimate goals not only in my business but also in my personal life. Killing it in every aspect!
Vanessa Renaud

About The Money Scientist

I am Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist. My PhD is in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. I used the skills I honed in the laboratory and being a Director of Finance of a nonprofit to found of Pocket of Money.

I was able to really hone my techniques and skill sets with managing money. I applied them in my personal life with great results. I saved over $10,000 while was on a stipend in grad school of about $23,000 after taxes. I did this while still paying all cash to travel domestically and internationally.

I was also able to use my savings to start my business. Financial success is really about the techniques not only about how much you have. More money plus the right techniques means faster financial success.

I am the creator of WISE Financial Fitness. I have 14 years of experience building and managing businesses as well as personal finance systems. I have built systems that help businesses make $1 million in 12 months.

I also have helped clients decrease overspending by thousands of dollars per month and save thousands of dollars I love sharing the knowledge that has worked for me and has worked for my clients with others so we can all move towards financial success.

Join WISE Financial Fitness

This will work even if:

  • You don’t have much time. All courses are available immediately and can be accessed from anywhere. You can go at your own pace.
  • You’re not sure what business or side hustle you want to start. We can help you narrow down on an idea and assess if it will work.
  • You have no idea how to save more money on your current income. No worries, we’ll show you.
  • You hate looking at the numbers. We get it. We’ll help you get organized, translate your numbers, and design a plan to achieve your financial goals.
  • You’ve tried to do better with your money and failed. We’ll help keep you accountable and guide you on the path to success.

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme. Building a successful profitable business doesn’t happen overnight. Building savings and wealth doesn’t either.
  • You’re looking for a lot of extremely frugal tips and techniques. Cutting costs is important. However, you should also focus on being better at managing money AND increasing income. We’ll help.

Money-back Guarantee

You can cancel at any time. Use the planner, go through the curricula in WISE Financial Fitness, take the additional training, and interact in the forum. If you truly feel the resources and material aren’t helpful, then cancel your membership. 

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